Adirondack Kitchens

From lake house to camp, Adirondack kitchens run the gambit of design styles, but they all seek to capture the natural elements that make the Adirondacks so unique.

Maybe you are looking for a sunny, open kitchen that lets the lake view take center stage. Consider a great room concept that blends the kitchen with a relaxed living area. Cabinetry with a combination of rich blues and soft whites are a favorite for an Adirondack lake house kitchen. Shaker door styles are popular for lake house kitchens as well. Consider an oversized island that takes in the lake view and  invites family and friends to be a part of your culinary scene while enjoying the view.

Rustic kitchens, or “camp kitchens”, often capitalize on the dramatic palette of the forest. Rich greens, warm wood species, and calm neutrals evoke a feeling of being part of the environment. Open shelving, countertops made of natural stone and wood, as well as rustic hardware are often found in these Adirondack kitchens.

Recessed panel (Shaker) and slab door styles are commonly used in Adirondack kitchens. We also have added a beadboard door style to some Adirondack kitchens to evoke a style that was popular in Adirondack Great Camps.

Simple cabinetry lines, exposed beams, and Adirondack artifacts, often incorporated into the cabinetry, and rustic seating at the island or peninsula provide the vibe that makes the Adirondack kitchen place to gather, relax and enjoy your time.