Contemporary Kitchens

See the images above for examples of contemporary kitchen styles we have designed in recent years.

We design contemporary style kitchens throughout the Saratoga and Adirondack regions.

Simply put, the contemporary kitchen category includes anything that is popular in current design trends. Contemporary kitchen design is forward-thinking. Innovative. Typically, its kitchen aesthetics involve flat panels, straight lines, open spaces, solid colors, and minimalist style. A contemporary kitchen may be right for you if your personality or home design is simple and sleek, with pops of bold color. This design style is defined by its high functionality, streamlined surfaces and often stainless steel appliances.

A twist on this style is the Classic Contemporary genre, which adds warm tones, traditional pieces like a farm-style dining set, traditional lighting over the island, old-world decorative pieces like worm-wood framed art or antique kitchen utensils, or wrought iron racks. Classic Contemporary kitchen design combines old-and-venerable staples with today’s trends.


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